Maintaining Public Safety

We all deserve to feel safe both inside and outside of our homes. That means ensuring safe streets—reaching a vision zero policy of zero car-inflicted deaths. It means protection from threats of gun violence and being able to walk freely at night, with abundant street lightning. In our homes, we should be safe from property crimes and break-ins. On council, I’ll advocate for a better
partnership between neighborhoods and public officials and rebuild the block leader program to mitigate these issues.


Good Governance and Transparency

Cupertino's government should focus on the basics: keeping our city clean, paving our roads, making sure everyone has a home, ensuring we have adequate parking at our libraries and keeping our neighborhoods safe. All of these are components of a well-functioning city. Yet, we do not have adequate staffing at City Hall to meet the needs of our residents. Additionally, this current city council is far too focused on frivolous lawsuits that waste taxpayer dollars—in desperate hopes of blocking new housing from being built. This Council actively suppresses the voices of those they disagree with, and has expedited the departure of numerous talented City staff.


Maintaining Neighborhoods For Every Member of Our Community 

Cupertino is a popular destination with its great schools and jobs that are changing our world. However, we are lacking housing for our teachers, firefighters, service workers, seniors, and Cupertino’s own children. Young families can no longer move to Cupertino, leading to declining enrollment and threatening school closures. The result is a diminished community, lack of viable transit options, and a dying retail and restaurants center


We can get off this unsustainable path, but we need leadership that understands the severity of this crisis, and takes active steps to confront it.

 1. Establish senior living spaces at locations close to transportation, restaurants, shopping, and parks in parcels along Stevens Creek Blvd.

2. Advocate for moderate-income housing for teachers and public employees to live in Cupertino

3. Build housing close to offices to attract people who work in Cupertino to live, eat, shop, and enjoy Cupertino

By concentrating new housing along major thoroughfares and allowing for medium-density mixed residential and retail uses at these sites, we will reduce our carbon footprint while addressing our housing and transportation needs.